I am neuroscience. And you can, too!

What does it mean to be a neuroscientist?  Does it mean you perform brain surgery on a day by day basis?  Does it mean that you can diagnose every aspect associated with the brain?  Does it mean that people will believe that you’re most likely the smartest person alive?

All the answers to these questions are no (except the last one, but I mean, you don’t have any control over what other people think of you…).  Neuroscience is so much more than McDreamys and Frankensteins. In fact, neuroscience is more than just the brain.

When I tell people that I’m a neuroscientist, the most common reaction is, “Wow, you must be really smart.”  And although the compliment is extremely flattering, neuroscience is just like any other profession that people can specialize in.  I’m just lucky that I find the nervous system really interesting.

Neuroscience is everything related to the nervous system.  That means your eyes,your ears, your mouth and nose (where have I heard that before?)   Anything with perception or feeling can be traced back to neuroscience.  Really, anything and everything can be traced back to neuroscience.

When you take a look at it, everyone experiences neuroscience on a daily basis.  So, I guess we’re all neuroscience experts!  (And then everyone can have puppies and world peace.)


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